Welcome to LifeSTAR of Davis and Weber Counties

The LifeSTAR program is a three-phase treatment program to help individuals, partners, and couples impacted by pornography addiction and other sexually compulsive behaviors. Each phase builds on the previous one to create a comprehensive approach toward healing the individual and relational damage caused by pornography and sexual addiction.

Participants are carefully guided through each of the three phases of the LifeSTAR program by highly trained licensed therapists who specialize in working with pornography and sexual addiction. Workbooks and other materials help provide education and structure throughout the different phases of treatment. The three phases are designed to address the unique needs for each of the three groups affected by pornography and sexual acting out: 1) the individual struggling, 2) their partner, and 3) the couple relationship.

Individuals are encouraged to attend, even if their partner isn’t interested in doing recovery work. Even though we specialize in assisting couples through the different stages of recovery, we encourage and support any individual interested in going through the recovery process, whether they’re a struggling individual or an afflicted partner.

The LifeSTAR system provides participants with the resources, support, and structure they need to experience a successful recovery from the damaging effects of pornography and sexual addiction.